Paste + Serum Hand Care Set So Rose! So Gold! (150 ml + 75 ml)

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Are you tired of dry and cracked hands? Do you desire skin that is soft, smooth and healthy? Then it's time to get to know our wonderful Hand Care Set Paste + Serum So Rose! So Gold! This is an absolutely perfect combination of two irreplaceable products that will provide your hands with comprehensive care.

Are you one of those, who ask why hand care is important? There are many answers to this question. Hands are exposed to many external factors, such as detergents, chemicals, atmospheric agents (e.g. sun, wind, frost) and other harmful substances. Regular care helps maintain the moisture of the skin, prevents excessive dryness, cracking or scratching, which in turn minimizes the risk of infection. In addition, by taking care of your hands, you automatically take care of your nails as well. Proper nail care can prevent splitting, breaking or brittleness, and help maintain their natural, healthy appearance.

The composition of the set has been carefully selected to give the best possible effect. Hand Scrub Silk Paste is a silky scrub paste with an amazing fragrance, containing sugar particles, Shea butter and green olive oil, which effectively remove dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and improve the vitality and tone of the hand skin. At the same time, hydrolyzed silk, panthenol and vitamin E, deeply moisturize, provide the skin with softness, elasticity, as well as an antioxidant effect. Hand Scrub is an absolute bestseller, eagerly chosen by women who appreciate a scrub once a week and the feeling of refreshed skin on the hands.

Hand & Nail Oil Serum, on the other hand, is the perfect complement to the scrub, providing your skin with deep care and hydration thanks to its grape seed oil, argan oil, green olive oil and soybean oil. It will make the skin of your hands look supple and healthy. The product is designed for every woman who needs proper hydration, as well as a refreshing sensation on the hands. The light consistency of the serum and a convenient pipette allow easy and precise application, without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling on the hands. If you are looking for a kit that will help you take care of your entire body, not just your hands - look no further! The body care kit So Rose! So Gold! will work perfectly!

The hand care kit Paste + Serum from So Rose! So Gold! is the perfect solution for women who appreciate professional care, convenience of use and striking appearance. Right now you can take advantage of our novelty and feel like a star! Join the world of well-groomed and beautiful hand skin!

Hand Scrub Silk Paste (150 ml):

  • gently but intensively exfoliates dead skin,
  • smooths, cleanses and nourishes the skin,
  • ensures proper hydration level,
  • stimulates blood circulation,
  • improves skin tone, condition and elasticity,
  • leaves a pleasant fragrance for a long time.

Hand & Nail Oil Serum (75 ml):

  • moisturizes and protects the skin from excessive water loss,
  • protects against external factors,
  • Nourishes and gently lubricates the skin, leaving it silky smooth,
  • eliminates the feeling of tightness,
  • absorbs quickly, does not leave a greasy layer,
  • leaves a pleasant fragrance on the skin.

For Hand Scrub Silk Paste (150 ml):

apply the scrub to slightly damp skin of the hands, use fingertips to gently massage with circular motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water. It is recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

For Hand & Nail Oil Serum (75 ml):

Using a pipette, apply a few drops of the product to the hand skin and massage in.

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Paste + Serum Hand Care Set So Rose! So Gold! (150 ml + 75 ml)

Paste + Serum Hand Care Set So Rose! So Gold! (150 ml + 75 ml)

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