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UV Hybrids


Hybrid Polishes: Durability and Beauty at Your Fingertips

Hybrid manicure appeared at the beginning of the 21st century and almost immediately won the hearts of stylists and clients around the world. This method is similar to traditional manicure, but differs in that each layer of the product is cured in a UV or UV-LED lamp, and the polish can be applied both on the natural nail plate and on an extended nail. This guarantees high shine and durability for up to several weeks. It's no wonder that this relatively easy and fast technique remains hugely popular among professionals and amateurs alike.

The foundation of a successful hybrid nail styling is not only choosing the right color but also careful preparation of the nail plate and the use of appropriate products. In our collection, hybrid polishes are not only a wealth of colors but also a variety of auxiliary products that guarantee perfect results.


Preparing Nails for Styling: The Key to Lasting Results

Before applying hybrid polish, it is important to properly prepare the nail plate. In our offer, you will find various preparations that will facilitate this process. Cleaner, base coat, and cuticle remover are fundamental elements of nail preparation for styling. Thanks to them, your nails will not only look better but also be more durable. Indispensable accessories: polish remover and top coat.

To achieve perfect results, additional products are needed. This product allows for an ideally matte surface of the nail before applying the hybrid polish, ensuring excellent adhesion. Top Coat Silk Delight is a key element that protects the manicure from wear and ensures a lasting effect.


Indulge Your Nails with Our Range of Hybrid Polishes

In our Silcare store, you'll find everything you need to create your dream nail art. A wide range of colors, high-quality auxiliary products, and competitive prices will make nail care a true pleasure. Discover our collection now and highlight your uniqueness with our hybrid polishes.


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