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Professional nail nippers in the Silcare range

Nail nippers are a must-have accessory in a toiletry bag for both amateurs and professionalists. The nail nippers make it possible to create a precise, aesthetically pleasing manicure with properly prepared cuticles. The nail nippers can also be used to remove dead skin on the nail folds and to remove individual cuticles which have become torn, like hangnails.

Choose professional nail accessories from our shop and enjoy comfortable and precise work that will satisfy you for years!

Nail clippers for everyone  check out what we have!

Nail and cuticle nippers should meet a few key criteria. First of all, they need to be precise – there should be no gaps when you close them, because if there are, the nippers will tear the cuticles instead of cut them.

Second, the nippers must be made of a material that can be sharpened and that can be easily disinfected and sterilised without corroding or losing their properties.

Third, good nail nippers are those that are also comfortable to use. They must lie securely and comfortably in your hand to ensure that you can work pleasantly.

Here you will find many suggestions for nail nippers: in different shapes, different brands and for various purposes. It's easy to choose among them the ones that best meet your expectations and which may turn out to be your favourite.

Convenient and precise nail clippers: a must-have in your cosmetic bag

Nail clippers are another must-have in every cosmetic bag – especially if you often give yourself or your clients pedicures. You will also find different types of nail clippers in our assortment. A nail clipper guarantees a quick, precise and professional shortening of toenails that are harder than on the hand. Some people (especially men) also like to use clippers to shorten their fingernails.

Nail nippers and nail clippers in the Silcare shop

In the Silcare range, we only include products that are known for their excellent quality and reliability. The best proof of their quality is that not only individual customers but also professionals buy from us to equip and modernize their beauty salons.

Here you will find a variety of nail accessories: nail nippers and pliers, as well as clippers. Whichever you choose, one thing is certain – you will definitely be pleased with their quality and reliability. See what you can find here. Have a look around the other product categories too and find everything you need!

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