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Disposable items


Disposable products for nails - safety first.

For manicure and pedicure procedures, we need to be properly prepared not only in terms of choosing the right nail design. After all, improper or inaccurate protection can make us end up with a number of infections, in some cases even leading to serious diseases. It is for this reason that disposable articles for nails are not only popular, but, above all, are a key piece of equipment for any beauty salon. Without them, no treatment can take place. Proper protection of the skin not only shielding the client, but also the person performing the manicure or pedicure, is crucial. Disposable articles for nails will work perfectly in many different situations.


What disposable article for nails can you find in our offer?

Disposable article for nails should be characterized by ease of use and reliability. For this reason, long manicure sticks are made of quality wood, but most importantly, are packaged in sets with multiple pieces. This way we are sure that we will not have to worry about an empty package. Nitrile gloves are also worth noting. They are available in different colors for our sense of aesthetics. Above all, however, thanks to them we do not have direct contact with the skin of our customers, which virtually eliminates the risk of accidental infection. Disposable article for nails can take different forms. Taking into account the comfort of our customers, it is worth investing in tissue and foil napkins. Certainly, the combination of hygiene and aesthetics in the workplace will not only ensure safety, but will also be appreciated by clients.


Disposable articles - nail care for everyone

Who can purchase our disposable articles? Nail care and such treatments as manicures and pedicures are constantly growing in popularity. Nowadays, more and more small offices are opening up, operating primarily locally. Sometimes these are one-person businesses, and clients are appointed in private apartments. However, there is no denying that larger offices, located in the most important points in the centers of metropolitan areas, are still very popular. Regardless of the size of the business, we must remember the importance of disposable items. Nails, as well as other parts of our bodies, must be properly protected for aesthetic and safety reasons.

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