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Face care


Facial care - for all seasons

Facial care should be a very important aspect in the daily regeneration of our body. It is the most exposed part of the body to external factors, regardless of the season. In winter we usually have to face sulfurous frosts and temperature differences. Summer heat also does not help in maintaining the condition of our skin. Of course, this is compounded by various precipitation, air pollution and wind. Inside, we often face high humidity and air conditioning or heating. All these reasons should be enough to make facial care more than just a curiosity for a few.

Beautiful face - care with natural preparations

We know very well how difficult it can be for some people to keep their skin firm and clean. This is especially true for such sensitive areas as the face. Care should primarily be some kind of combination of modern technology and natural ingredients. Nature hides many specifics that significantly help to firm and moisturize our skin. Shea butter, peach kernel oil or coconut oil are just a few examples of healthy ingredients that will have a soothing effect on our skin. Vegan products are also worth looking out for. We know that many of you choose them with great satisfaction, also because of their extraordinary quality. That's why here you'll find vegan lip butter, eyelash oil and lip scrub, among others.

Care - the face and its smallest details

As you have already noticed, in many cases even the smallest parts of our face need special treatment. It is very important to choose the right products in such delicate aspects as skin care. The face is extremely rich in various elements that need special attention. First of all, it is worth starting with the lips. There often develops a problem of their dryness. This applies to both women and men. As a result, we have to face irritation and sometimes even cracks. It is for this reason that we offer you our lip butters, some of which we have enriched with the already mentioned peach kernel or avocado oil. We also do not forget about eyelashes, which can often be affected by both external conditions and regularly applied makeup. For this reason, we offer you a preservative-free or dye-free oil to strengthen and moisturize your

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