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Nail drill bits: essential for home and salon work

Until a few years ago, the use of a nail drill bit for home use was not a matter of course - it was actually rare, and for professional services you had to go to a manicure salon. Over the past few years, the cosmetics market in the segment of nail cosmetics and nail accessories has evolved considerably. The fruit of this today is the wide and easy availability of products and accessories that until quite recently were the domain of professional stylists.

One such tool is undoubtedly the nail drill bit. It shortens and makes more pleasant the time needed to work on the nail plate and cuticles, as well as to remove old styles: hybrid, gel or acrylic. However, in order to work with the drill bit quickly, pleasantly and, most importantly, safely, the right nail drill bits are essential. Each drill bit has a different purpose, and depending on the material the drill bits are made of, their durability and precision are also different.

Choose a nail drill bit that will not let you down!

Above all, the nail drill bit should be tailored to its main task. Every nail drill bit has a different purpose. Some are used for working on cuticles, others for removing dead skin between the nail folds and the nail plate, others are used to remove old nail styling, preparing the nails for the application of a new nail design.

The better the quality of the drill bit, the safer and more satisfying it is to work with. Diamond, ceramic and carbide drill bits are the most popular.

Professional nail drill bits: Your nails will thank you for it!

How do you choose your drill bits? Nails can easily become mechanically damaged if you choose the wrong drill bit for the job or if it is of poor quality. The risk of over-sawing or localised overheating of the plate is quite high in such a case.

Here you will only find professional drill bits and drill bit caps for easy and safe removal of old styles, preparation for new manicures, cuticles and gel.

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