Sanding Cap for Rubber Drill Bit 13 x 19 mm #180 Pink 10 pcs.

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Product description:

Removing cuticles, calluses and hybrid varnish residue can sometimes cause huge problems, especially in the absence of the right tools for this. It just so happens that rubber cutter overlays from Silcare will solve all the aforementioned problems and help with many more!

Simply apply the rubber cutter to a carrier, such as the DM-14 Milling Machine from Silcare, and you're good to go! The cutter overlays are disposable products made of the highest quality materials, so they guarantee durable and sturdy construction and accurate and painless surface abrasion. Whether you're planning to remove calloused skin from your heels or get rid of leftover hybrid polish from your nails, the rubber cutter caps from Silcare will work perfectly!

Product features:

  • solid workmanship,
  • firmly adhere to the carrier,
  • allow for accurate and precise work,
  • allow safe treatments,
  • Size 13 x 19.

Directions for use:

  • place on the carrier and press down,
  • check that the cap holds when the carrier rotates,
  • perform the treatment of your choice,
  • discard the used overlay.