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Hydro hydration with Care Gel. What is good skin care based on?

Hydro hydration with Care Gel. What is good skin care based on?

Zdjęcie przedstawiające nawilżenie pobierane za pomocą pipety 

Both facial skin care and body care raise many doubts and confusions. Nowadays, more and more women give up the consumerist approach to beauty and compose very minimalist sets of care cosmetics for themselves. Good care is one that contains active substances perfectly matched to our individual needs and desires regarding the condition of the skin.Multifunctional hydrogels are a new trend among cosmetics. Get to know them better with us and change your approach to body care. Modify your routines to exude vitality, beauty and confidence!



5 features of good skin care

  1. Cleansing
    Thoroughly cleansed skin absorbs the active ingredients offered by us in the further stages of care much better. Washing your body and face thoroughly, but at the same time gently, are the key steps to start the exciting journey of caring for your skin. One that will be as effective as possible and will bring the expected long-term results. Uncleaned skin is extremely prone to clogging, blemishes and unevenness. Dust, dirt, sebum or makeup remnants deposited on it make it impossible to achieve the desired smoothness and softness.
  2. Moisturization and hydration
    Moisturizing and hydrating the skin is the absolute basis for keeping it in a healthy condition and making it look fresh, beautiful and radiant. These features mainly concern the prevention of water loss by binding its molecules in individual layers of the skin, as well as strengthening the hydrolipid coat. Great, perfectly composed moisturizing cosmetics are those that penetrate deep into the skin, leaving it smoother and softer, but without unnecessary greasiness or a sticky film that stays on the body or face for many hours.
  3. Soothing and regeneration
    Every day our skin, both on the face and body, is exposed to many tests. It is subject to numerous damages, including: with solar radiation or aging processes. Inflammation, redness, itching and irritation should be appropriately soothed, remembering to constantly repair the hydrolipid barrier.
  4. Anti-aging effect
    Slowing down skin aging involves maintaining its appropriate tension and firmness for as long as possible, preventing the formation of dents and wrinkles, as well as counteracting discoloration and color unevenness. Activities focused on anti-aging processes include: protection of the skin against UV radiation, antioxidants, stimulation of the reconstruction of collagen fibers and improvement of the quality of elastin.
  5. Care “from the inside”
    We cannot forget about the enormous impact that non-care activities have on the condition of the skin. A healthy, well-balanced diet, daily physical activity tailored to individual requirements and predispositions, wise supplementation tailored to our needs, proper amount and quality of sleep... Without it, the skin will not achieve its full glow, and no cosmetics, even the highest quality ones, will provide maximum results.


Kobieta przeglądająca się w lustrze ubrana w szlafrok 


One product = numerous possibilities

Care Gel is a multifunctional hydrogel providing many multidimensional possibilities. It is the answer to the numerous needs and "requests" of your body, face and hair. If You are considering trying to make your home care more minimalist and closer to nature, You've come to the right place. Stay here for a while and get to know a real gem among multi-tasking care products.

COMPLEX. This is the key word. The unique formula and carefully selected substances bring benefits to both skin and hair.

The universal hydrogel will soothe your tired, irritated skin, leaving it with a lasting layer of hydration and providing solid protection. However, the light, ultra-quickly absorbing consistency will not make you feel greasy or sticky.

Silky smoothness and softness of the skin, making it instantly look younger and more radiant - guaranteed. The hair will become healthier, stronger and full of shine, indicating that it has received a powerful dose of nutrition.


What is the secret of Care Gel?

In its perfectly composed recipe! We used as many as 97% natural substances to produce this cosmetic, out of concern for the good of our planet. The vegan composition is a fulfilled promise of maximizing the potential of unique plants. The extracts extracted from them with wonderful, multi-dimensional effects are suitable even for demanding allergy sufferers, without irritating sensitive skin at all.


What can Care Gel be? What can it replace?

Depending on which of the three versions of Care Gel you choose, our multifunctional hydrogels can replace, among others: the following products:

  • face mask
  • moisturizing serum
  • soothing after-sun balm
  • aftershave ointment
  • hair conditioner…

... and many other cosmetics without which you cannot imagine your daily routine resulting from careful self-care and remembering the pleasures in your busy everyday life.

Find your favorite version among three variants of Care Gel: with coconut, aloe or pink lotus flower. You can also get yourself a 3x Care Gel Set. It's a triple dose of universal goodness for you and your loved ones!



Body & Lip Care Naturro Set

Body & Lip Care Naturro Set

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