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Celebrate Mother's Day with us! 3 sets for women from Silcare, perfect as a gift

Celebrate Mother's Day with us! 3 sets for women from Silcare, perfect as a gift

This day is just around the corner. A gift for Mother's Day should be perfectly tailored to the individual needs of our wonderful mothers. They deserve special recognition and thoughtful gifts that show we want to care for them in the best possible way. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to do this! A set of women's cosmetics can be a great idea to help your mother care for herself like never before and give herself more everyday pleasures. We invite you to explore reliable cosmetic sets for mothers.



Proposal #1: Luxury for Hands

A duo of products that will provide your exceptional Mother's hands with the utmost care, leaving them with an exclusive glow and an elegant, aromatic scent? The hand care set of So Rose! So Gold! Paste + Serum (150 + 75 ml) is worth considering!

Comprehensive hand care using just two cosmetics brings great, multi-dimensional results that will surprise you. Curious to know how?

RRegular use of the exfoliating paste allows for a subtle yet extensive exfoliation of dead skin cells. The skin becomes velvety smooth and as soft as silk. The nourishing layer left behind ensures an appropriate hydration level for long hours. Exfoliating your hands stimulates blood circulation, improves skin elasticity, and gradually enhances its tone. All these beneficial properties stem from the active ingredients—hydrolyzed silk, panthenol, and several vitamins. Cleanse and prepare your hands for the next stage of care using the So Rose! So Gold! Paste.

Hand and nail serum delivers on its promise of continuous hydration and moisture that stays on your skin even after washing your hands! Protection against external factors? This product provides that too. Additionally, thanks to its subtle moisturizing effect, it helps achieve incredible softness and dream-like smoothness of the hands. Using the serum can be treated as a daily ritual, but if your mother lacks time for longer pampering sessions, no worries—the serum absorbs quickly, and the scent of femininity and luxury lingers on the skin for many hours, just like high-end perfume!


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Proposal #2: Renewal for the Body

Luksus, który idzie w parze z efektami pielęgnacyjnymi, czyli Zestaw do pielęgnacji ciała So Rose! So Gold! 800 ml. Trzy unikatowe kosmetyki – trio godne prawdziwej królowej, którą jest Twoja Mama.

The hyaluronic shower gel fills the bath with its aromatic, fruity-floral scent. Beyond the obvious result of thorough cleansing, it also excellently protects the skin from drying out by retaining a solid layer of moisture. Your body remains elastic and firm, contributing to a youthful effect. By using the shower gel, you allow your skin to achieve maximum smoothness, resulting in a more beautiful appearance. After the shower gel, it's time for... body lotion. This extraordinary lotion contains shimmering gold particles, giving your at-home spa a whole new, exclusive dimension. The skin becomes supple, firm, and smooth, thanks to natural ingredients like urea, glycerin, emollients, and vitamin E. The 24-karat gold makes the body radiant, brightened, and full of a healthy glow, making your mom feel like she's just returned from a sunny vacation in Spain!

At least once a week, to complete the comprehensive body care routine, a light, fluffy exfoliating paste is perfect for finishing the self-care ritual. Its unique formula, enriched with delicate sugar crystals, allows for gentle yet effective skin cleansing. Ingredients like Shea butter, hydrolyzed silk, and a blend of argan and Abyssinian oil make this recipe so nourishing that your body will surely show its appreciation in no time!

So Rose! So Gold! products offer a luxurious fragrance that lingers on the skin—a combination of juicy fruits, led by sweet peach and refreshing mandarin, with feminine white flowers, classic rose, elegant patchouli, and deep vanilla.


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Proposal #3: Shine for Nails

A perfectly thought-out set for moms who do hybrid manicures at home? We've put together something special for them! Mini UV kit in a bag is a collection of essential products that will enhance the cosmetic collection of women who are fans of beautiful nail designs and well-maintained hands.

What will you find in the elegant gift bag? First, two bestselling UV gels, Base One Shimmer—our iconic building gels with glitter. Their innovative formula provides a high level of manicure durability, while the luxurious, subtle particles enable a shiny, healthy look for the nail plate. Even beginners in self-manicuring will handle these products with ease. Working with UV Base One gels is a pleasure and convenience combined! We've included two chic shades in the set—milky pink and creamy white.

But that's not all! The Silcare Mini UV Set also includes the Dry Top Coat from the ManiMORE EverGloss line. This modern product gives nails a glossy finish without requiring wiping, ensuring ease and comfort in use. The ManiMORE line is rich in cosmetics with non-allergenic formulas, fully safe even for sensitive nails

The fourth item in this gift set is the 24K Millionails Dry Oil, which comprehensively cares for the cuticles around the nails, restoring their optimal level of hydration, smoothness, and softness. The skin gains additional radiance, making it look younger and healthier. Additionally, the nail plate receives protection.

Every mom deserves to take care of herself daily, as she needs, and to indulge in both big and small pleasures. This way, she can become happier and radiate more each day, both externally and internally.

Give your mom the gift of beauty encapsulated in products that will become her daily ritual amidst the hustle and bustle. Ensure a pleasant time for the most important woman in your life...



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