Creamy Hand Scrub regenerative flaxseed oil 100 ml

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ACTION: Cleanses, Improves condition, Moisturizes, Smooths

Discover the nurturing power of oils with Silcare Regenerative Flaxseed Oil Hand Scrub.

Regenerating hand scrub with flaxseed oil that effectively exfoliates, smooths and softens chapped and callused hands. Omega-3+6 fatty acids contained in the product nourish and support the regeneration process of the skin.

Flaxseed oil supplements the lipid barrier, inhibits water loss, supports the regeneration process of the epidermis, helps to maintain the cell integrity. Although it’s mostly recommended for very dry, weak, cracking skin, flaxseed oil can also be applied on oily skin because it normalizes the sebum secretion.

Directions for use: Apply creamy Silcare Regenerative Flaxseed Oil Hand Scrub to hands and massage with circular motion for approx. 1 minute, then rinse and gently pat dry.