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Japanese manicure, or the "natural look"

Japanese manicure, or the "natural look"

Japanese manicure method

Subtle, light nails with a healthy shine – is this a good idea for the upcoming season? We think so! The "natural look" never goes out of style; it’s not a seasonal trend or a fleeting fad… Nails that look beautifully cared for, fresh, and fully rejuvenated make our hands our best business card.

Please find out how to do a Japanese manicure, its effects on the nail plate, and its benefits.

Japanese Manicure – What is it?

Japanese manicure is a method of nail regeneration, a treatment that positively affects their condition. Its two main steps are massaging a specialized paste into the plate and using powder to polish and smooth it.

Thanks to the active ingredients in these products, you can expect great results. Vitamins, silica, bee pollen, and keratin improve the condition and appearance of nails almost immediately.

Japanese manicure sets are designed to make the treatment as pleasant and simple as possible! Each product is numbered, so even if you are using this method for the first time, you can be sure you will do everything in the correct order.


How Does Japanese Manicure Work?

Japanese manicure has become an extremely popular method of nail care because it was discovered and repeatedly confirmed that thoroughly rubbing beneficial substances into the plate nourishes it greatly. It makes our nails noticeably stronger and gives them a beautiful, pearly shine in a subtle pink shade.

The Japanese manicure procedure is simple to perform and the entire process takes only 30-45 minutes. You can do it yourself at home or book the service at your favorite beauty salon. The regenerative effect of this Japanese method shows the best results if repeated 2-4 times every 2 or 3 weeks. In between treatments, it is advisable to avoid hybrid or gel nails so the nail plate can "breathe" and rest from styling.


Advantages of Japanese Manicure

  • contains numerous ingredients that have a beneficial effect on our nails – a complex of vitamins, keratin, silica, bee pollen
  • effective regeneration of the nail plate
  • strengthening and accelerating nail growth
  • simplicity and comfort of the procedure
  • no need to remove the Japanese manicure with a remover, just apply the products again
  • a universal method of nail care for both hands and feet, suitable for both women and men


How Often to Use Japanese Manicure and How Long Does it Last?

An important note regarding Japanese manicures is that only systematic and repeated treatments guarantee long-lasting effects. You need to regularly replenish the rubbed-in active substances and use the polishing powder to maintain stunning and flawless results!

2-4 treatments every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the growth rate of our nails, is a well-planned regimen. Desired effects will appear faster than you expect! Healthy nails and well-cared-for hands, like never before, are now truly available to everyone. The ideal time for a series of treatments is the autumn-winter season, when our hands and nails, exposed to the harmful effects of cold or frosty temperatures, need exceptional support and thorough protection.


Can You Paint Nails After Japanese Manicure?

Yes, but you should wait a few days, preferably 4-6, so that traditional or hybrid polishes adhere perfectly. Remember to carefully and thoroughly degrease the plate with a nail degreaser before painting.

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Japanese Manicure in 5 Steps – Step by Step

Step 1

Properly prepare your nails before starting the treatment. Remove the previous manicure.

preparing nails with a file

Step 2

Degrease the plate with a cleaner, shape the nails as desired, and work on the cuticles around them.

working on cuticles with nippers by another woman


Step 3

Apply the first paste to the green buffer. Rub it very thoroughly into the plate in circular motions until its color changes to a shiny pink. Then ensure each nail is perfectly smoothed and evened out. A correctly performed Step 3 means that the active substances effectively penetrate deep into the plate.


applying paste to the nail plate

Step 4

Now, using the pink buffer, rub in the powder from container No. 2. Its main function is to retain the nutrients from the green paste on the surface of the plate. An additional, significant visual benefit of using the powder is giving the nails a healthy shine finish and protecting them from external factors.

rubbing paste into the nail plate

Step 5

The final step is to take care of the cuticles around the nails. Massage a moisturizing oil with your favorite scent into them thoroughly, making the Japanese manicure ritual even more pleasant for you!


moisturizing hands after the treatment


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