Nail polish Flexy - She W!LL Stay Strong 261 4.5 g

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TYPE: colors
LED CURING: 30 sec
COVERAGE: covering - 2 coats recommended

Flexy 261 She W!LL Stay Strong Gel Nail Polish 4.5 g

Flexy gel polishes – colors just like you! Created especially for you and your needs to make you look and feel good.

Discover your femininity with Flexy She W!LL Stay Strong collection.

Flexy She W!LL Stay Strong is a collection consisting of five gel nail polishes in the shades of olive green, dark honey, burgundy, antique rose and gray platinum, which will let you prove that beauty lies in your strong character and pertness. Bring everyone to their knees with your manicure and new, uncompromising rules – a round brush is exactly one of them. It allows to apply the product up to the cuticle line, extending the time of wearing a nail art, without a visible outgrowth and such effective solutions are your favorite.

What’s more, you are flawless at your job and there is no chance you will ever take even a small step down from the career ladder. Keep climbing up and discover diversity of nail arts with Flexy She W!LL Stay Strong gel polish collection.

You will find plenty of shades in Flexy gel nail polish line: starting from subtle nudes and calm pastels, through crazy, vivid neon colors, and ending with glitter ones and extraordinary cat eyes. Even though every collection is different, they are all characterized by high durability, intense pigmentation and thick consistency that enables comfortable work. Thanks to their 4.5 g capacity, you can increase your collection of gel nail polishes without worrying that you won’t use them till the end.

Make your world colorful with Flexy gel nail polishes!


  • they are elastic, which allows them to move with the nail plate, preventing chipping
  • they have intensely pigmented colors that do not become dull
  • thanks to their perfect adhesion, they strongly bond with the base coat, providing a durable layer of color
  • they’re ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps, which provides comfort of choosing a device
  • problem-free curing guarantees a hard and smooth layer of color

Directions for use:

Shake the container thoroughly before use. Apply base coat to the nail plate and cure in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Next, spread 1-2 thin layers of Flexy gel nail polish over its surface and cure under UV-LED or LED lamp for 30 seconds. Do not wipe with a cleaner. Secure the nail art with appropriate top coat.

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