Flexy Hybrid Gel Cat Eye 4,5 g

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Silcare Flexy Lakier Hybrydowy Cat Eye *pink green 4,5 g

Flexy Hybrid Gel Cat Eye 4,5 g

Silcare Magnet for Cat Eye Effect 07

Magnet for Cat Eye Effect


TYPE: colors
LED CURING: 30 sec
COVERAGE: covering

Flexy Cat Eye – penetrating glow, magical and eye-catching gaze, simply hypnotizing cat eye!

Black base color, thousands of beautiful particles, charming multi-colored transitions. Amazing covering and an intensive effect. We created a cat’s gaze and locked it in a bottle of our Flexy!

Let us help you discover your inner wild she-cat – all what you need is Flexy Cat Eye and a special magnet. With their use, everybody will purr at the sight of your nails!

The hybrid has a great shine, good adhesion, is flexible and soaks off in acetone in 3 minutes.


  • flexible (thanks to the specially selected oligomers)
  • intensively pigmented (it’s a solid dose of energetic colors)
  • perfect adhesion (it bonds with the base through hydrogen bonding)
  • ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (significant quantum efficiency)
  • problem-free curing (thanks to application of effective photoinitiators)

Way of use: Shake the bottle thoroughly before use. After applying and curing the chosen layer of hybrid gel (we advise to apply a black color, e.g. Flexy no 60), apply a layer of Flexy Cat Eye and hold the magnet 2-3 mm above the nail for 3 seconds and cure immediately under lamp for 30 seconds in order to obtain a perfect effect of cat eye.

If you want to obtain two interpenetrating mists, use two magnets. They need to be set 2-3 mm above the nail’s two opposite sides and dragged over the hybrid gel till the achievement of desirable effect and cured immediately under lamp for 30 seconds.