Flexy Hybrid Gel Sand 4.5 g

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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  • pcs.

Caramel sand at sunset, golden tan on your shoulders and the sweet, tempting smell of waffles with fruits in a caramel sauce wafting in the air... Recall sweet memories with the latest Flexy Caramel Sand Collection! Two shades of deep, golden caramel with thousands of glittering particles will bring the warmth of blissful, sunny days to your manicure.


  • flexibility (thanks to the use of specially selected oligomers)
  • intensive pigmentation (a solid dose of energetic colors)
  • perfect adhesion (it combines with the base coat through hydrogen bonds)
  • ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (high quantum efficiency)
  • effortless curing (thanks to the use of effective photoinitiators)

Directions for use: Shake packaging a few times before use. After applying and curing a base coat, spread 1-2 thin layers of the product and cure under a UV-LED lamp or LED lamp for 30 seconds. Do not wipe with cleaner. Requires application of an appropriate top coat.