Builder gels

Here you will find excellent products for professional nail design. Our building gels are indispensable tools that will allow you to create beautiful, durable and long-lasting nails. Builder gel is a product that allows you to extend your nails, even out irregularities and build the right structure. With our builder gels you will be able to achieve the desired shape and length of your nails, meeting individual preferences. If you don't know what builder gels are or how to use them, we've covered everything on our blog!

Our range includes different types of builder gels, which can be adapted to different nail design techniques. Our builder gels are easy to apply while providing stability and durability. They also allow you to precisely control the nail building process so you can achieve the results you want. Choose the builder gel that best suits your style - it could be the natural, opaque Base One Cover or the cool High Light Blue!

With builder gels from Silcare, your nails will look natural and healthy while resisting breakage and damage. Our products are developed for professionals and nail design enthusiasts who are looking for high quality and reliable solutions. In this category you will find a wide selection of products that will give you full creative freedom and the opportunity to experiment with different styles. We offer a variety of shades and capacities so that you can find the perfect builder gel to meet your needs.