Gel UV Base One Cover Thick 15 g

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TYPE: building, masking
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: covering

Base One Cover Thick is a UV camouflage nail gel of thick density. It is only 20% transparent. Thanks to its self-leveling properties, it spreads itself out evenly on the surface of the nail. The cover gel adds natural shade, perfectly covers imperfections and optically extends the nail plate. It can be easily combined with other nail gels. Base One Clear Thick gel allows to build a nail on a tip or form, as well as French gel manicure.



  • does not contain HEMA
  • durable,
  • elastic,
  • camouflaging,
  • ideal for building a nail on a tip or form,
  • can also be used for creating French gel manicure,
  • very good adhesion to both tip and natural nail plate,
  • thick consistency,
  • very good self-leveling properties,
  • visually extends nails,
  • one-phase.

Directions for use: Spread Base One Cover Thick gel over the nail plate and cure under 36 W UV lamp for 2 minutes.