SoPRO – the First Polish UV/LED Gel Polish Without HEMA


Sensitivity is a very special trait. It connects to our personality, influences the way we see the world and how we act toward other people, what’s more, it also has an impact on our body. A sensitive body strongly responds to any stimuli, thus it requires special care. And it concerns not only our face but also hands and nails.

Our new SoPRO line was created especially for people with a sensitive skin and nail plate, as well as, the ones struggling with the problem of hypersensitivity due to allergy or irritation due to frequent disinfection.

SoPRO is a line of gel polishes without HEMA that allows to perform full and professional manicure procedure, and most importantly, it’s available and safe even for those who up to now were unable to get one done. Before we’ll take a closer look at the particular products, it’s worth to briefly explain what is HEMA and why its lack in a formulation is so important.


A few facts about HEMA

HEMA (hydroxyethylmethacrylate) is an acrylate monomer. Monomer is a chemical compound that undergoes a reaction under a specific factor (e.g., UV/LED light) and transforms into a more complex substance called polymer. Polymers are the building blocks of many everyday objects, like contact lenses, dental fillings or, the impossible to omit, gel polishes.

In the latter ones, HEMA serves the role of a binding substance, which means that it allows a layer of a product to cure under a lamp. Unfortunately, for people with diagnosed allergy to this acrylate, contact with a traditional UV/LED gel polish most often ends with allergic contact dermatitis, which manifests itself with painful tiny open wounds, and sometimes blisters and a red rash.

Because of this, many nail salon clients and at-home nail art fans had to give up on gel polish manicure and limited themselves to traditional nail polishes. But thankfully, this has changed!


Four easy steps towards PROfessional manicure

SoPRO is the result of our PRO-approach to nail stylization. We don’t want you to choose between the condition and irresistible appearance of your nails, that’s why we proudly present you these four products that’ll let you take care of both.


  1. BASE

SoPRO UV/LED Hybrid Base provides the gel polish with excellent adhesion and durability. Hydrolyzed wheat and soybean protein, amino acids, tea tree oil and vitamin E contained in the NailHeroTM complex guarantee plate strengthening by over 30% and noticeable reduction in breakage. SoPRO base-coat has a medium-thick consistency and spreads easily.


  1. COLOR

SoPRO UV/LED Color Hybrid Gel provides intense pigmentation and perfect coverage already after 1-2 layers. The palette of 20 colors is composed of delicate beiges, pastel pinks, purples and sky blues, both elegant and passionate reds, as well as, dark blues, greens and blacks. The gel polish has a more creamy consistency than a traditional one, while the half-round brush allows precise coverage of the entire nail plate, even under the cuticles.


  1. TOP

SoPRO UV/LED Top Coat perfectly secures the stylization, extends its durability and adds a beautiful high gloss. It does not leave an inhibition layer, so there’s no need to wipe the nail plate after curing with a cleaner.


  1. OIL

SoPRO Manicure Oil deeply moisturizes, nourishes, as well as, protects the nail plate and cuticles against extreme temperatures and disinfectants. Thanks to the rich blend of oils of natural origin (soybean, grape seed, linseed, castor, argan and avocado), the product smooths the skin, making it wonderfully soft and pleasantly fragrant with citrus fruits, jasmine and vanilla aroma.


Silcare values sensitivity!

Your sensitivity makes you unique. We want you to cherish this trait and let us help you enjoy the pleasures of taking care of your appearance and well-being, without worrying about your sensitive plate and cuticles. Thanks to SoPRO line, you will be finally able to create your dream manicure that’ll be durable, impressive – and most importantly – safe for your skin and nails!