High Light LED Gel Milkshake 100 g

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  • pcs.

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TYPE: building
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 30 sec
LED CURING: 36 W / 30 sec
COVERAGE: semi-transparent
THICKNESS: medium thick

Are you a fan of elegant minimalism? Are you dreaming about a subtle, chic stylization that’ll help you enhance your natural beauty? LED Milkshake is a novelty among our builder gels. The milky, semi-transparent color will work great as a base for French manicure or a perfect, neutral background for nail decorations. You can also try using it separately to create a delicate and neutral total look that’s perfect for both a bride and a businesswoman!


  • acid-free product,
  • milky color,
  • builder,
  • medium-thick,
  • self-leveling,
  • one-phase.

Directions for use: Spread the gel over the nail plate and cure under LED lamp for about 30 seconds. The product has a dispersion layer, it requires the use of cleaner.


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