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Nail files, polishers and buffers


Nail file  indispensable for every manicure!

Neatly prepared and clean nails, as well as aesthetically pleasing cuticles are essential for neat and elegant hands. It is also an indispensable base for perfect nail styling, whether with classic nail varnish, hybrid gel polish, and gel or acrylic.

A nail file is essential for shortening and shaping the nails. However, it isn’t the only application. A nail file with the proper gradation can also be used to even out and buff the surface of the nail (low grit) or to remove hybrid, gel or acrylic mass (higher grit).

Different types of manicure require various types of files, it all depends on their purpose –that is why it's worth having several ones for different occasions! Professional nail accessories, including many types of files, can be found in our shop.

Paper nail files

Paper nail files are one of the safest methods for shortening and preparing nails. The lower the grit of the file, the finer it is. Paper files are ideal for working on the natural nail plate, as they are gentle on it. With a paper file, you can shorten and shape your nails quickly and efficiently. In addition, by choosing a file with a low grit, you can easily clean and buff the nail plate and prepare it perfectly for styling.

There are two popular file shapes to choose from: half-moon and banana. Which shape you choose depends primarily on the main purpose of the file. The banana shape is perfect for shortening and shaping nails. However, if you want to additionally file the entire nail plate, a boat shape is more convenient.

Metal nail file 

The metal nail file is a rarer choice these days, but it still has a group of fans. Thanks to its small dimensions, narrow width and sharp tip, it allows precise work that would not always be possible with a paper file.

Among other things, metal nail files are indispensable for cleaning the underside of the nails and for tiny, cosmetic filing, for example on the sides of the nails.

Nail files in the Silcare shop  check out what we have!

In the Silcare range we have a variety of nail files, as well as buffing blocks. These are essential accessories to make any manicure, which is a pure and aesthetic pleasure, no matter what the occasion is.

Choose excellent quality products: you will find them in the Silcare shop!

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