Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel Base 6 g

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UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
LED CURING: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: transparent

The Premium Line consists of the most modern products, thanks to which nails look more perfect.

Color IT Premium gels with the increased amount of pigment, the strengthening and brightening Hybrid Color IT Premium Base, as well as the nail plate gloss and protection ensuring Hybrid Color IT Premium Top have been created for demanding women, who look for highest quality products. The Premium Line is a guarantee of satisfaction. The Hybrid Color IT Premium Base is recommended to apply under the Color IT Premium Hybrid Gel, it makes nail stylizations more durable. Unique formula of a thin and clear gel result in better adhesion to the nail plate. Moreover, it whitens the nail plate, which may look unaesthetically after wearing dark-colored nail polishes. Pigments present in enamels are responsible for the process of nail plate yellowing, Thanks to the Hybrid Color IT Premium Base all of the discolorations will vanish, and nails become healthy and bleached. Use of the product guarantees smooth and brightened nail plate.


  • thin
  • clear
  • increases adhesion
  • eliminates discolorations
  • soluble in acetone

WAY OF USE: One or two layers of the gel should be applied. Curing time in 36 Watt UV lamps is 2 minutes. The gel may be cured in higher quality LED lamps as well.

NOTICE. The best results you will get by using all the Premium products: base coat, color hybrid gel and top coat. It is not recommended to combine the Premium Gels with other companies’ base and top coats.