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The best hybrid base. Which one to choose? What should you follow?

The best hybrid base. Which one to choose? What should you follow?

grafika przedstawiająca kobietę trzymającą różne rodzaje baz

A hybrid base is a feminine necessity thanks to which each hybrid nail can be durable, intense and simply impeccably beautiful. Products of this type are used both in manicure salons and when creating nail styles at home.

Thanks to the base for hybrid varnish, you can easily level the surface of the nail plate, lengthen your nails, strengthen them and thus positively contribute to the durability of your manicure.

Today you will find out which specific hybrid base will be best for you. How to choose a product of this type to suit your needs and what should you consider when composing your perfect hybrid set? Read on!


How does the base for hybrid varnish work?

The base is an extremely important element of hybrid styling. The final effect of the manicure and its durability depends on it. Basic features of a good hybrid base? Easy to apply and the ability to use really thin layers!

The main function of the hybrid base is to thoroughly blend the nail polish with our nail and fix it. If we cover the tile evenly and carefully, this product should also have a smoothing effect and camouflage the tile's imperfections.

Some cosmetics of this type also have strengthening properties and protect our natural nail against damage, crumbling or breaking, which is especially appreciated by owners of problematic, weak nails with a disturbed structure.


How to prepare the nail before applying the hybrid base?

It is said that the base is the first stage of creating a hybrid manicure. We completely disagree with this! After all, before we apply it, the nail plate must be perfectly prepared and the cuticles should be prepared. These steps are necessary for even the best-selling bases to fulfill their functions and meet our expectations!

How to prepare your nails before applying the first layer of hybrid product? You should push back and then cut the cuticles around your nails. To do this, use a wooden stick and pliers. Then clean the tile thoroughly using a polishing block and degrease it using a cotton swab soaked in cleaner.

Nails prepared in this way will perfectly accept any cosmetic and will allow us to enjoy flawless manicure effects, even for several weeks!

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Types of hybrid bases

It's time to learn the basic types of hybrid bases. Discover your needs and you will surely find your ideal soon!

  • Strengthening bases
    Your nails need hardening and protection against breaking, but while maintaining appropriate flexibility? Strengthening bases are an excellent choice for all owners of demanding, weakened nails.
  • Bases for nail extensions
    Thanks to appropriately dense hybrid bases, you can extend your natural nails by up to 1 additional centimeter!
  • Modeling bases
    Modeling bases have excellent self-leveling properties, thanks to which they allow for perfect smoothing of the nail plate, and their layers spread evenly even without filing. Additionally, you can use this type of product to extend your nails by a few millimeters.
  • Care bases
    Even bases for hybrid nails can be rich in care ingredients. In some bases you will find, among others: vitamins, natural oils and other nutrients. This will strengthen your nail plate and improve its overall condition.
  • Repair bases
    Repair bases, apart from vitamins and natural essences, are also enriched with minerals, such as silicon and other richly nutritious substances - especially biotin and keratin.
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What are Silcare hybrid bases?

The Silcare brand offers a wide selection of hybrid bases. We take into account the different needs of our clients and their different preferences. We treat the base for hybrid nails as the foundation of the entire nail styling, a key element of a manicure that can ensure a spectacular final effect.

What is our priority when it comes to hybrid bases?

  • Reliable durability and adhesion
    Our hybrid bases have innovative compositions, thanks to which they provide your manicure with a perfect finish and a professional look with delightful color saturation. In addition, we ensured a high level of adhesion.
  • Easy to apply and long-lasting effect
    The formula of Silcare hybrid bases allows for their quick, comfortable distribution and ensures an even, smooth effect on the nail. Thanks to this, the hybrid varnish maintains flawlessly. Moreover, the curing time in the UV/LED lamp has been reduced to a minimum. Thanks to such time savings, working with Silcare products becomes a pleasure, and your manicure can always look professional!
  • A wide range of possibilities
    At Silcare, everyone will find their ideal among hybrid bases! We have a large selection of products of this type - various types of finishes, different colors, compositions tailored to the diverse needs of women. Check for yourself what we have to offer you!


Get to know 5 hybrid base proposals from Silcare

    1. Rubber Base
      Rubber base is a great choice for all women looking for a product to extend nails and build them up. Thanks to its advanced formula, Rubber Base is suitable for both stand-alone use and traditional use, i.e. under hybrid varnish.
      You can use it to protect the nail plate, build it up and extend it by a maximum of 4 mm. The consistency of the Rubber Base from Silcare is so thick that you don't have to worry about spills on your cuticles. By using Rubber Base, you ensure high working comfort. The product does not crumble, guarantees perfect coverage, and has excellent self-leveling properties.We offer as many as 6 color options - from the transparent Clear version, through subtle, creamy shades, to beige, perfectly emphasizing the beauty of tanned hands.

    2. 10in1 Revolution hybrid base
      This is something for fans of multifunctionality and universality. This revolutionary product will work perfectly as the basis for hybrid styling for any nail plate, even those that are weakened and require reconstruction.
      What properties and functions distinguish the 10in1 Revolution base?
      - it is an ideal base for hybrid and gel styling 
      - thanks to its medium-thick consistency, it is perfect for building up nails
      - you can use it to easily extend your nails on a template or form
      - it has excellent mechanical properties and is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations
      - it also works as a top coat - top protection for hybrid manicure it physically strengthens nails, creating a hard protective coating on their surface
      - it contains hydrolyzed keratin, minerals, vitamins and amino acids

    3. ManiMore Gel Polish Builder
      ManiMORE Builder Base is a product intended for all types of nails. It strengthens the nail plate, evens its surface and fixes the hybrid manicure to the maximum extent. You can also use it to extend your nails by a few extra millimeters. The medium-thick consistency and excellent self-leveling properties make working with the maniMORE base comfortable and enjoyable in one!
      We are constantly expanding the color range of these products. You can choose between their delightful shades that give a natural look, starting with the classic transparent version, moving on to subtle, girly pinks, and ending with feminine, elegant nudes.

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  1. SoPRO UV/LED Hybrid Base
    Innovative composition and great properties - this is the simplest way to describe the base for hybrids from the revolutionary soPRO line. The formulas of these products are hypoallergenic and do not contain HEMA, making the soPRO series suitable even for sensitive women who are allergic to hybrids.
    Thanks to natural, beneficial substances such as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, amino acids, vitamin E or tea tree oil, with regular use of the soPRO base, the nail plate is gradually strengthened and the brittleness of nails is minimized.

  2. Color IT Hybrid Gel Base & Top
    Color IT is a 2-in-1 product. It works well both as a base, i.e. a primer for nail polish, and as a top coat that permanently protects the styling. The efficiency and simplicity of using this product impress at every step. Application time reduced to a minimum, extremely comfortable nylon bristle brush and even distribution are just a few of the many advantages of Color IT.

We need one more moment of reflection to choose our favorite among the Silcare hybrid bases... What about you? Have you found your ideal yet? If so, go to the online store Silcare and make your dream shopping now!

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