Neon Powder Yellow 3 g

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Neon Powder is a powder for creating an amazing effect of smoke on the nails. It adds vivid character to the stylization and makes classic nails to look dashing and unique.

From now on, such decoration will be easy to achieve even for persons who just started their adventure with smoky manicure!

Neon Powder creates different effects on nails depending on the application method. Rubbed in, gives impression of intensively shimmering sheet of ice, whereas sprinkled, creates a neon frost. Combined with matt surfaces, gives “wet sand”. Moreover, it can be used for coloring gels, acrylics and nail polishes as well as body decoration.

Way to get smoke effect using hybrid nail polishes:

  1. Create hybrid manicure.
  2. Apply Top No Wipe on the cured color and cure it under UV lamp (the best effect is achieved on a black nail polish).
  3. Paint delicate patterns using white nail polish or art gel.
  4. Smudge the patterns with a brush and cleaner.
  5. Cure everything under UL lamp.
  6. Create original design by patting a chosen pigment onto cured patterns.
  7. Remove excess of neon powder with the use of delicate brush.
  8. Cover everything with top coat and cure under UV lamp.