Nail Oil the Garden of Colour pipette Raspberry Light Pink 15 ml

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Intensive hydration and regeneration of your favorite aroma.

Nail Olives The Garden of Colour are great solution for those who dream of healthy, strong and shiny nails. Also help for optimum care hand regenerating damaged plate.

Contains almond oil and peach that will care of your hands!

The strength of natural ingredients contained in almond oil is primarily a range of nutrients: protein, minerals, vitamins A, E, D and B vitamins, which make olive has a moisturizing effect, is well absorbed. Oil Peach strengthen and harden the nail plate, preventing it from splitting up and brittleness.

Olives The Garden of Colour is next to the nourishing and regenerating properties of the nails, it is also a unique fragrance experience. Even a small amount of reward
Your senses with delicate aroma.

Pack of pipette ensures easy, convenient and pleasant application. Designed for everyday use.

HOW TO USE: Apply a olive on each nail, then massage in a plate and peel. Use daily in the evening and after a manicure or pedicure.