Hybrid Soak Off Remover COLOR IT with oils - Bubble Gum 150 ml

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Effectively remove hybrid gel, take care of condition of our cuticles and nails.

Soak off Hybrid Gel Remover with Oils Bubble Gum is a formula made on the basis of wealth of carefully selected oils, which  have beneficial effect on nail plate and cuticles. It contains a composition of three natural oils: peach kernel oil, almond oil, castor oil. During the treatment, the liquid removes hybrid gel and at the same time takes care of our nails and cuticles. . 

Regenerate – Strengthen - Protect

The liquid enables regeneration and smoothing of the nail and cuticle due to peach kernel oil and almond oil. The castor oil additionally acts strongly soothing-calming, reoiling and protecting  the nail – preventing breaking and splitting. The product is recommended for people, who after removing hybrid gel do new manicure. It leaves on the skin a sweat and subtle scent.


  • contains a composition of 3 natural oils: peach kernel, almond, castor oil
  • recommended for people, who after removing hybrid gel do new manicure
  • leaves  on the skin a delicate sweet scent of bubble gum
  • enables regeneration and smoothing of the nail plate and cuticles
  • prevents breaking and splitting nails
  • acts strongly soothing-calming and protective

Way of use: moisten a cotton pad or aluminum foil remover wrap with the liquid and put on the nail plate where there is applied hybrid gel, wait from 7 to 10 minutes. Subsequently, remove residues of hybrid gel by means of a wooden cosmetic  stick.