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HELP TO… Quick Fix Myco Jelly Primer 15 ml

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Help To ... Quick Fix Myco Jelly Primer - a revolutionary product created on the basis of Active Ingredients Insertion Technology. Acid-free primer with active complex designed for people exposed to contact with pathogenic microorganisms. The components responsible for adhesion of the product contained in the preparation do not have irritating properties, which means that the primer can be used by people with a sensitive, delicate and problematic plate. The unique composition of Quick Fix Myco Jelly Primer allows for proper preparation of nails after lesions to subsequent stylizations and reduces the occurrence of factors conducive to the development of fungi and bacteria.

For the first time on the market, the product is available in the form of gel / jelly, in a convenient packaging with a pipette, which eliminates contact with the nail plate, which affects the safety of use and minimizes the possibility of spreading microorganisms.

Especially recommended for podologists and professional beauty salons!

The active complex includes:

  • Piroctone Olamine - antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicide;
  • Faex Extract - extract extracted from brewer's yeast. It is rich in vitamins (biotin, folic acid), pantothenic acid and amino acids, including sulfuric amino acids - methionine. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, soothing effects;
  • Undecylenamide DEA - shows fungistatic activity and higher fungicidal concentrations. It works on mycelium and spores.

It has a unique combination of ingredients, including extract extracted from brewer's yeast showing soothing effects of irritation, undecylenic acid derivative and pyroctan olamine, which have the effect of reducing the incidence of factors leading to the development of ringworm

Product features:

  • created based on Active Ingredients Insertion Technology
  • designed for styling problematic nail plate
  • acid-free product
  • low irritant potential

Apply a drop to the nail plate using a dropper, rub the drop with a brush and wait a while to dry (the sticky layer remains).

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