Hair Serum QUIN Nutrition 30 ml

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ACTION: Deeply nourishes, Protects

Quin Hair Serum – hydrating, nourishing or regenerating – thanks to specially selected natural oils hair regains and healthy looks. Bet on hair toning, nourishing and rebuilding!

Due to optimally composed formula the product can be used after every hair wash in order to notice effects quickly. Each serum has an unique, beautiful  and gentle smell, which stays on hair for a long time.

Quin Nutrition Hair Serum contains three natural oils, which give shine and nourish hair from the roots to the ends.

Macadamia oil strengthens dry hair with a tendency to break and, at the same time, secure against water loss. Hair becomes more nourished thanks to avocado oil reach in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B6, D and E, minerals, potassium and calcium. Almond oil, which moisturize and supports the regeneration process, makes the serum perfect for curly, frizzy and static-prone hair.


  • nourishes hair from the root to ends
  • secures against water loss
  • gives shine
  • protects from free radicals and damages

Way of use: Apply a few drops on a hand and spread it gently on washed and completely dry hair at entire length, especially on its ends. Don’t use too much serum. Don’t rinse. May be applied after every hair wash.