Tips Guillotine Silver

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The Silver Tips Guillotine from Silcare will prove to be a lifesaver for every hybrid nail lover. The tool is specially designed so that even novice stylists can comfortably and safely handle nail tips.

The Guillotine for Tips, although it is a tool known on the beauty market even since the 19th century, today it is available to everyone in different forms. Silcare offers you its version - ergonomic, convenient, accurate and safe. The design has been prepared in terms of attention to detail while ensuring that the whole process takes place in full comfort of the stylist and the client.

The silver color of the guillotine makes the tool shine even in the depths of the trunk, thus attracting the eye. In addition, it gives it an expression of seriousness and focus, which, after all, is always needed for perfect and accurate cutting of hybrid nails.


  • precise workmanship,
  • outstandingly sharp guillotine,
  • universal tool,
  • deep silver color.

Directions for use:

  • prepare the nail tips for cutting off,
  • gently insert the tip of the gel nail into the guillotine,
  • squeeze the handle of the tool, thereby removing the unwanted tip.