Gel Brush with little pearls #6 WHITE

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Silcare Gel Brush with little pearls is an obligatory tool in every beauty salon for a nail stylist. There are two methods of application, that is why we work with two different kinds of brushes.

Regular application of gel is provided by wide Silcare brush – no. 6.

It’s ideal for one-phase and thin gels. These are high quality brushes made of nylon bristle, strong, ideal for painting a sharp smile line.

When working with thick gels Silcare brush no. 4 should be used. It’s ideal for the area near cuticles and some decorative techniques. It facilitates doing more precise tasks, e.g. application of some decorations. These brushes are made of high quality nylon bristle.

The best complement of the whole is an elegant look of the brushes. Silver, black and white in an acrylic-metal handle are a wonderful decoration in the cosmetic case. Shining pearls add some glow and a stylish ferrule protects against damage.


  • nylon bristle
  • cooper crimp
  • acrylic-metallic handle
  • bristle length: no. 4 - 6 mm, no.6 - 7 mm
* If the selected color is unavailable, the brush is converted to a different available color in the selected size