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A roll-up shopping bag is a convenient alternative to traditional shopping bags and plastic bags. You can always carry the product with you - it fits in any purse and has a carabiner that allows you to attach the case with a bag to keys or loops. The bag is capacious, so you can easily put in it, for example, your favorite cosmetics or nail styling sets. It is made of durable, reusable material, and at the same time it decomposes easily and quickly. In addition, thanks to the long ears, the roll-up bag can be worn over the shoulder.


  • comfortable, packable, durable,
  • decomposes with one stroke,
  • reusable,
  • equipped with a carabiner and key ring,
  • can be hand washed,
  • has long ears to be put on the shoulder.


  • case dimensions: approx. 10 × 4 cm,
  • dimensions after unfolding: 33 × 40 × 10 cm,
  • capacity: 15 l,
  • type of winding: case,
  • colors: black or pink.