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How to deal with a client's bitten nails? Step-by-step reconstruction of bitten nails

How to deal with a client's bitten nails? Step-by-step reconstruction of bitten nails

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Nail biting is an issue that affects a significant number of women, mainly due to stress or anxiety present in our daily lives. There are many home remedies to cope with this unpleasant habit and achieve an aesthetic, elegant appearance on your hands. One is the reconstruction of bitten nails in a professional manicure salon. Stylists have developed ways to ensure your transformation dazzles everyone and gives you a huge boost of confidence!!

How do you extend bitten nails? How should professionals do it? Stay with us to find out!



Why do bitten nails require special care?

The far-from aesthetic appearance of bitten nails is sometimes a minor issue compared to other problems that can arise from this disorder. The habit of onychophagy can lead to various damage to the nail plate, nail bed, matrix, or cuticles around the nails. We then experience pain and are prone to bleeding, or infections. Moreover, nail biting is very unhygienic due to the viruses and bacteria that are on our hands.


Step-by-step reconstruction of bitten nails using gel

One of the most commonly recommended methods by stylists for reconstructing bitten nails is to extend them using gel. This method looks extremely natural and impressive at the same time. Any gel can be used on the natural nail plate – both on tips and on a form. Even bitten nails under the gel grow healthy and quickly, and hands regain their former, aesthetic appearance


How to extend nails using gel?

  1. After disinfecting the hands, carefully prepare the cuticles and the nail plate.
  2. After cleaning the plate, mattify it using a polishing block and clean it with a cleanser.
  3. Fit the form to the free edges of the nails. Try on the forms and, if necessary, adjust them to the shape using scissors, following the growth points of each nail.
  4. Place the prepared form under the nail and begin the standard extension process, but remember not to overload the bitten nails with too much buildup. Give the plate space for proper regeneration!

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What gels should you choose for reconstructing bitten nails?

  • Żel UV/LED HELP TO… Quick Fix Myco 
    This is a professional reconstruction gel that is perfect for so-called special tasks. It allows you to extend even the most problematic nails, including those that are bitten and sensitive, up to 2 mm. A complex of active ingredients enables the nail plate to efficiently rebuild, making it gradually healthier and more beautiful day by day. The gel contains active substances, including those with antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties.
  • Żel UV Base One Cover
    A masking gel with 80% coverage. It flawlessly camouflages the nail plate and all its imperfections or discolorations, optically elongating each nail. Excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate and tips allows for comfortable, efficient work, even with bitten, difficult-to-style nails.
  • Żel High Light LED Cover
    This is a great gel that allows you to extend nails incredibly quickly. High Light LED curing takes from 30 to 60 seconds, all thanks to advanced, innovative technology. The product is suitable for work on both natural nail plates and tips.
  • Żel UV Affinity
    A gel with ideal adhesion, whether you are extending nails on tips or the natural nail plate. A great feature of this gel is that it does not yellow, for example under the influence of temperature.

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Step-by-step reconstruction of bitten nails using acrylic

Acrylics are also a great choice for reconstructing bitten nails. By combining acrylic powder with liquid, you achieve a ready-to-use material. What is the phenomenon of acrylic? Acrylic does not require a UV/LED lamp for curing! Moreover, it does not run off the nail plate.





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Step-by-step reconstruction of bitten nails using acrylic gel.

Polygel Easy Shape is another option worth considering if we need to extend the bitten nails of our client. Acrylogel was created to combine the great properties of both acrylic and gel into a new, distinct product. It allows you to work quickly and with full comfort. 

Even a weak, splitting, brittle, or severely damaged nail plate from prolonged biting will have a light, comfortable-to-wear manicure with a maximally natural appearance. Hassle-free curing in the lamp ensures that you do not feel any burning, even with very short nails.

Bitten nails are not the end of the world! Does this habit affect you too? Make an appointment with a professional stylist who will be able to perfectly match the type of manicure to your needs, primarily focusing on renewing the nail plate and achieving the greatest possible durability, while maintaining a natural look!

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