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Focus on Salon revolution - 3 devices and accessories for a manicure salon

Focus on Salon revolution - 3 devices and accessories for a manicure salon

Kobieta usuwająca skórki za pomocą nożyczek u drugiej kobiety

Professional beauty devices and high-quality accessories for a nail salon are the absolute basis for its proper functioning. Thanks to such equipment, Your clients will be 100% well-groomed, but above all - completely safe.

Devices and accessories are equipment worth investing in at the beginning of a salon business. Thoughtful purchases in this area will certainly translate into positive opinions of new customers and will allow You to create a base of regular customers who value Your services.

What are the 3 must-have nail salon equipment and accessories? What should You equip it with so that it is considered a professional, recommended place?


Ultrasonic cleaner or other cosmetic sterilizer

Sterilization of tools is now an absolute necessity. No one has any doubts that cleanliness plays a key role in the functioning of many facilities. Especially when the tools used in them are used for services or treatments in which the continuity of the epidermis may or does occur. Such services include, among others: manicure and pedicure. Only proper cleaning of reusable pliers, cutters, scissors, etc. is a guarantee of ensuring the health and safety of Your clients..

The ultrasonic cosmetic cleaner is a brilliant sterilizer solution, perfect for salons offering services in the beauty industry. It ensures a high level of efficiency of the sterilization process and no mechanical damage. All thanks to the use of innovative technology for removing impurities using cavitation. By the creation of a large number of pressure waves in the washing solution, dirt is almost immediately detached from all types of surfaces, even those with very limited accessibility.

At the same time, modern beauty washers look very designer and aesthetic, providing a professional image for the salon You have created!


Kobieta usuwająca skórki za pomocą nożyczek u drugiej kobiety


Dust collector

A dust collector is a must-have in professional manicure salons. Such a device will allow You to constantly maintain perfect cleanliness without any effort, while performing services related to nail preparation before applying a hybrid or gel manicure.

Modern dust collectors work extremely quietly, are easy to use, extremely efficient, very stable and light at the same time. However, their stylish, elegant appearance will perfectly match the interior of Your beautiful nail salon.

The highest quality equipment of this type absorbs up to 99% of the dust generated during operation. Full comfort for You, the stylist, and each of Your clients during the manicure service is guaranteed!

Nail art templates

It's time to talk about one essential accessory that should be present (preferably in several copies!) in Your professional manicure salon. There is nothing better for clients coming for their nails than all the colors of varnishes, gels and tops presented in one place - on an easy-to-view nail art template e.g. a fan-shaped one, which will convince You with its functionality and high quality of workmanship.

Get Yourself a few pieces of nail art templates so that You can demonstrate Your skills in creating fashionable patterns, creative compositions or trendy color combinations that can provide creative inspiration for the current season for Your clients! There are absolutely no limits here, except the stylist's imagination. Get creative and encourage women to experiment with their nails! Pleasure for both of You guaranteed.


Dłoń kobieca z wykonanym manicure w stylu baby boomer


Provide Yourself and Your salon with professional, high-quality devices and accessories. Also check out Silcare care and other best-selling cosmetics. By taking advantage of the Happy Hour promotional campaign, You can buy the products described above and many others in the Silcare store with a discount of up to 20%! Don't miss this opportunity, because summer is just around the corner...

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