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How to create the perfect hybrid French nail design in a holiday atmosphere?

How to create the perfect hybrid French nail design in a holiday atmosphere?

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Hybrid French has many versions. Some of us cannot imagine leaving the manicure salon with a different nail design than the classic, i.e. natural French nail design with a nude base and an elegant white tip. Other women experiment, following trends and novelties in the world of hybrids, but still remaining in the style of French nails.How to make perfect French nails? How to diversify it to obtain a styling in line with the latest beauty trends, perfect for the holiday season - i.e. a colorful French? You have a ready guide in front of you. Use it now to celebrate summer with beautiful, fashionable nails!

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How to do hybrid French nails? A guide for beginners

Do you think that French is an extremely difficult technique, requiring a wide range of skills and many hours of tedious practice? With our tips, you will quickly learn how to do this type of styling perfectly and with the least amount of effort!

Of course, exercise is a must if you want to get your nails done like in a salon with the best reviews in your city, but with a bit of perseverance you will soon reach this level - we are sure!Ready to learn the secrets of French nails? So let's get started!


Step No. 1 – preparation of cuticles and nail plate

This is a necessary step to ensure that the end result is truly perfect in every detail - both from close up and from afar! If you perfectly prepare the cuticles around your nails and prepare the nail plate impeccably, each subsequent stage of creating your dream manicure will be much simpler and more pleasant.

First, use a pusher or a stick to gently push back the cuticles, and then remove them carefully and precisely using pliers or scissors. Now move on to the nails. To prepare them for hybrids, use a polishing block to matt them. This way you will eliminate any imperfections and contamination present on the nail plate. It's time for a cleaner that will make both your cuticles and nails 100% clean and ready for further steps.

Step no. 2 – applying the base and hybrid varnish

Hybrid nails can be extremely durable thanks to the high-quality hybrid base. This product has strengthening and protective properties. Even brittle and problematic nails can look beautiful if they are covered with an appropriate base. Choose this cosmetic according to your needs. When looking for the perfect product, pay attention to the specification and composition. It's time to apply a hybrid varnish in a shade that you consider perfect for a French manicure, i.e. one that perfectly matches your skin tone. The choice is yours. You can choose colors from a palette of sublime beiges, girly pinks or light browns, or go completely crazy, based on less classic shades, e.g. pastels.

Fix each layer of hybrid products in a UV/LED lamp according to the instructions on the packaging. Paint the tile with great precision to avoid spilling the cuticles. Also remember to secure the free edges.

Step No. 3 – creating a smile line

It's time to finally deal with what is the biggest challenge in hybrid French - the smile line. Use a precise brush with a thin tip to draw the strip evenly, symmetrically and form the width and shape that suits you best.

Pour a minimum amount of the selected hybrid varnish onto the glass and dip the brush in it. Then place it slightly above the free edge and drag it from the central part of the nail plate to the side shaft. Repeat this action on the other side. Don't forget to fill in the free edge. Now reach for the second, clean brush, put some cleaner on its tip and get rid of any unevenness on the smile line you created. Now all you need to do is fix it in a UV/LED lamp and it's ready!

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Step no. 4 – protection of the styling with a hybrid top and care for the cuticles and hands

The finished hybrid French only requires appropriate protection. Thanks to the high-quality top coat, it will stay flawless for longer, unchanged and will look like a salon, professional look. Use a standard glossy top or, for a change, choose a matte version.The last stage of manicure is care. Even the most beautiful and fashionable nails will not look perfect in the presence of dry skin that requires nourishment. Use cuticle oil with your favorite scent and massage your hands with a rich moisturizing cream.

You see? It's not that difficult! French manicure is within your reach! You have already learned the technical secrets of French.

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