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Nails with colored tips

Nails with colored tips

stylizacja z kolorowymi koncówkami


French manicure has evolved significantly over the last few seasons. The opinion that this type of styling is conservative, uninteresting and "safe" is no longer valid. They are no longer perceived as reserved for minimalists or brides who like classics. Currently, hybrid French has many incarnations - colorful, creative and incredibly fashionable!In the upcoming holiday season, top nail stylists are increasingly diversifying this type of manicure and showing its new faces, which we can see on popular fashionistas' nails.

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What are the most fashionable French manicure versions for the summer? Here are 5 proven suggestions!

  • It's more interesting in a duo, i.e. double french
    Double French hybrid has won the hearts of trendsetters, becoming one of the top nail styling proposals for the 2024 holiday season. The interpretation of this trend is free. The stripes can be painted in one or two colors, with or without a break, classic - at the top or non-standard - at the bottom of the nail plate. Take up the challenge and find the variation closest to your style and taste among the endless possibilities!

    podwójne paski w stylizacji paznokci

  • The strip doesn’t have to be white, i.e. colored tips
    The simplest, but very effective way to introduce a holiday atmosphere to your favorite, classic French nails is to replace the white stripes with tips in your favorite summer colors. Regardless of whether you prefer subtle, charming pastels or saturated, crazy neons - multi-colored French tips are a hit this season! You can choose one selected shade, e.g. delicate green or energetic orange, or mix colors, selecting them so that they remain more or less in the same tone.

    stylizacje z kolorowymi koncowkami

  • Symbols of summer nature, i.e. accents in the form of flowers
    Manicure supplemented with plant stickers, patterns or decorations in the form of dried flowers returns as a top trend cyclically, in the warmer seasons. Even girls just starting their adventure with home-made hybrids can easily draw simple flowers consisting of an appropriate arrangement of dots using a precise brush.
    Minimalists can place such decorations on one or two nails, and women who want their manicure to scream "summer!" can try to replace the classic white stripe with a row of multi-colored flowers. This way, they will achieve the effect of fancy ends that will attract everyone's attention!


  • Glitter for every season, i.e. glitter stripes
    It's a perfect way to complement your style for a special occasion. Use this idea to spruce up your look for a friend's wedding or a date with your significant other at an elegant restaurant. Hybrid French with a shiny strip will beautifully reflect the rays of the summer sun, and your nails will attract attention on the street!
    Choose any color of glitter. Classic gold or silver, or maybe shiny particles in a neon version? It all depends on your mood! If you are afraid that you will overdo it with glitter, do a classic French manicure in a nude version and only spice it up by drawing a thin line under the white stripe with glitter varnish.

    kolorowe brokatowe paski
  • Predatory claws, i.e. a French leopard version
    Leopard print has become one of the loudest trends this spring. Currently, when browsing the collections of famous fashion houses or strolling through clothing stores that follow styles from global catwalks, it is impossible not to notice animal prints literally at every step! Fashionistas promote this trend even in the form of total looks. However, if you are not brave enough or you are simply not a fan of leopard print, you can treat this trend a little more subtly. The tip of a French manicure covered with a cat pattern? We are for it!


French doesn't have to be classic, let alone boring. Spark your imagination and interpret trends in any way you like. You can showcase your unique, fashionable styles by tagging the @silcare profile on Instagram under the photo of the look you create. We can't wait to see it!

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