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Dry and Cracked Heels – How to Treat Them

Dry and Cracked Heels – How to Treat Them

Summer is the time when we want our feet to look exceptionally beautiful. We dream of silky soft skin, manicured toenails and smooth heels in order to feel comfortable and self-confident on a beach wearing open-toe shoes. If we want to enjoy all this during our vacation, we should start taking care of our feet before the beginning of the hot season – especially if our heels are dry and cracked. But why does this problem even occurs?

The human skin consists of three major layers and several thinner ones, whereas on feet (especially on the heels) there’s even four times more. Skin on this part of the body grows so fast that it’s unable to exfoliate itself. That is why we should do it ourselves by applying foot scrubs and moisturizing cosmetics on a regular basis. The latter ones are crucial because sebaceous glands are not present on the soles of the feet, in other words, they cannot hydrate themselves.

Dry heels deprived of elasticity have a tendency to crack and develop calluses, while the accumulated dead skin cells may lead to infection. The condition of our skin may worsen not only due to inappropriate care (or its lack) but also other reasons, for example, working in a standing position on a regular basis, walking in very flat shoes with thin soles, or the other way around, in shoes with very high heels. Of course, the problem can also be caused by certain disorders, such as diabetes and obesity.

The primary ingredient that helps combat dry and cracked heels is urea. This amazing humectant (substance with an ability to absorb and retain moisture) is responsible for keeping the skin properly hydrated. Furthermore, it softens it, helps to remove calluses and accelerates the skin regeneration process. nappa Foot Cream – Exfoliating 30% Urea is a product with a velvety texture based on a mixture of peach kernel oil and lanolin. The foot cream contains 30% urea that intensively exfoliates callused skin, as well as, increases permeability of the horny layer, supporting penetration of active substances deep into the skin. Furthermore, it prevents heels from becoming dry and exhibits soothing effects. The product is characterized by a pleasant, fresh fragrance with a lemon note.

However, before using an exfoliating cream with urea, we should first properly soften and freshen up our feet – salt foot bath will be the best choice. nappa Carnallite Coarse-grained Dead Sea Foot & Body Salt revitalizes and smooths the skin, positively affecting its elasticity and softness. The carnallite salt is the most precious kind of salt from the Dead Sea – it has unique care properties thanks to the content of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, chromium, manganese and zinc. A bath with an addition of this salt helps to relax. One has only to dissolve from two to four table spoons of the salt in four liters of water and soak their feet in the mixture for about 20 minutes to feel the soothing effects of regeneration and smoothness.

We can enhance the softening effect of the foot bath by applying a creamy foot scrub, which is a perfect solution for very dry and callused skin. nappa Creamy Foot Scrub – Amazonian Dream supports reduction of corns and regenerates cracked heels, preparing the skin for intense absorption of active ingredients. The mixture of oils, glycerin and urea helps to maintain proper moisture level of the epidermis and soothes the unpleasant feeling of dryness. Foot care treatment with the use of this scrub guarantees soft and smooth skin and improved circulation in feet. The exotic, lemon fragrance of the product makes the exfoliating ritual more pleasant.

The presented by us products are not the only solutions for dry and rough feet. Our nappa line offers many other possibilities that can be found HERe.

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