Dead Sea Foot & Body Salt NAPPA Carnallite Coarse-grained 300 g

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ACTION: Cleanses, Deeply nourishes, Firms, Moisturizes, Smooths

Beautiful and well-cared-for feet mean not only comfort but also self-confidence, which allows you to feel at ease regardless of the situation.

The main idea of the NAPPA line is a comprehensive care of the skin of your feet. A wide range of products provides both a wide selection of cosmetics for everyday care and effective solutions for those who need something for special tasks. No matter your lifestyle, age and skin type, our mission always is the same: foot care at every step.

NAPPA Carnallite Coarse-grained Dead Sea Foot & Body Salt refreshes, revitalizes and smooths the skin, positively affecting its elasticity and softness. The carnallite salt is the most precious kind of salt from the Dead Sea – it has unique care properties thanks to the content of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, chromium, manganese and zinc. A bath with an addition of this salt helps to relax.

The product does not contain dyes or fragrances and does not affect the natural pH level of the skin.

Directions for use: Body bath: add two big table spoons to a bathtub filled with water at a temperature of about 27-38°C. Recommended bath time: max. 30 minutes. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil will make the bath more pleasant. It can be used as a foot soak. Foot bath: for best results, dissolve from two to four table spoons of salt in four liters of water. Recommended bath time: from 7 to 20 minutes. For external use only. Protect from moisture.

Contraindications for salt baths: coronary artery disease, hyperthyroidism, active tuberculosis, pregnancy and hypertension.

NAPPA Carnallite Coarse-grained Dead Sea Foot & Body Salt is the first step in our exfoliating-smoothing treatment. Try other products from this series in order to obtain the maximum level of relaxation, regeneration, protection and smoothness.