Base One Nail Prep 9 ml

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Silcare Nail Prep

Degreasing, cleansing and dehydrying the nail plate.

Silcare Nail Prep is an acid-free formula, which in just a couple of seconds prepares the natural nail for further stylization procedures. A classical product which degreases and cleanses the natural nail plate. The advantage of this cosmetic is an ideal dehydration – an excessive loss of water – in other words, it desiccates the nail plate before using a curable formulation. It is highly recommended for achieving a maximum adhesion of the gel as well as a hybrid or acrylics nail polish. In case of a very greasy plate, after a few applications, it minimizes the risk of the product’s aeration.

The package contains a glass bottle with a pink brush, which drains off perfectly and prevents excessive absorption of the product from the bottle. 


  • Does not require wiping
  • Closes delaminated nail plate cells, without disrupting the balance after a filing or a abrasive buffer procedure
  • Does not affect pH of the nail plate
  • Highly efficient
  • Degreases, cleanses, dehydrates the nail plate

WAY OF USE: Apply a thin layer of the product on a prepared, buffed and cleansed nail plate with a gently drained off brush. Wait until it dries.


Silcare Kolekcje