Affinity Ice Gel UV 1 kg

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UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min


AFFINITY is a one-phase, medium-thick gel with ideal adhesion to both natural and fake nail. Its characteristic color is a result of 20% reduction in color temperature with the use of azure blue UV filter. This also eliminated the possibility of yellowing.

The product will be prepared on request. Processing time 1-10 working days. Payment only in advance.

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The formula of the gels from AFFINITY line was improved by special properties:

  • Thixotropy – increased by 20%
  • Adhesion – increased by 60%
  • Stiffness of polymer chains – increased by 40% thanks to high polymer network


  • medium-thick
  • one-phase
  • self-leveling

Directions for use: Spread gel over nail plate, cure in 36 W UV lamp for 2 minutes.