UV / LED lamp SUN1 (Rose Gold)

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Rose Gold UV / LED lamp with a semicircular shape. Chosen by nail stylists. Designed for curing nail polishes, builder gel – UV and LED products. It has a convenient, detachable bottom, which is mounted on several magnets. This will greatly facilitate the disinfection of the device and keeping the lamp clean. The detachable bottom is also handy during a pedicure. A fan located at the top protects against damage caused by overheating. Thanks to the sensor function, the lamp will start working after placing your hand inside the lamp. It offers 4 operating modes: 5s, 30s, 60s and continuous time (limit of 120 seconds).


  • 24W/48W (switch),
  • timer: 5s, 30s, 60s, 120s,
  • double wavelength: 365nm - 405nm,
  • 30 LED bulbs,
  • wymiar: 20 x 15,7 x 9,2cm,
  • color: rose gold,
  • zasilanie: DC 24V, 1A.