Mini Plus 24 W UV/LED Lamp

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A professional and practical Silcare Mini 3 Plus UV/LED lamp with a power of 24 W.

The lamp has 15 LEDs. It is activated by pressing the power button. The default curing time is 30 seconds. Pressing the power button again sets the curing time to 60 seconds, and pressing the power button for the third time turns off the lamp.

The lamp does not require a lot of space, so it fits every handbag, and is perfect for traveling! It’s recommended for curing decorative elements, not an entire nail plate covered with hybrid gel or gel.

Easy to use and harmless to eyes!

Product specification:

  • 15 LEDs
  • maximum power consumption: 24 W
  • power rating: DC5V
  • dimensions: 228 x 125 x 24 mm
  • wavelength: 365 + 405 mm

The set includes a lamp and a USB cable.

WARNING! Silcare does not recommend using UV/LED lamps with a power lower than 36 W for curing an entire nail plate covered with gel or hybrid gel product. However, such lamps can be successfully used to cure decorative elements.