The Garden of Colour Hybrid Gel Universal Top Matt 9 g

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TYPE: tops
COVERAGE: transparent

The Garden of Colour Universal Top Matt protects a layer of gels or hybrids, adding a matt effect to them. Thanks to this top coat you can completely change your stylization in a nick of time. Universal Top Matt can be applied on the entire nail plate or just a section – the outer tip, for instance. The effect is incredible, shiny-matt manicure. It really gives unlimited possibilities. It also prolongs manicure’s life and prevents chipping. That is why you may enjoy the matt effect for a long time.


  • mattifying
  • clear
  • easy application
  • makes gel life on nails longer
  • suitable for gels and hybrids

Way of use: spread a layer of gel on a painted nail plate and cure for 2 minutes in the UV lamp or 30 seconds in LED lamp.

The dimensions of the cardboard box 9 g

width 30 mm
height 68 mm
depth. 30 mm


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