Real Bodyguard - cuticle protection 15 ml

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Reliable, effective, trustworthy – these are the traits of a true bodyguard. Our Real Bodyguard knows defense techniques, thanks to which you’ll be always able to feel secured and have a good night sleep! This product protects the cuticles during performing nail polish, gel and hybrid manicure. You only have to apply a few thin layers of the product around the nails and leave it to dry before you start creating your manicure, such protected skin around the nails will remain clean and neat. Show your temper – your qualified bodyguard watches over you, vigilant and ready to respond to any danger.

Now in a new, more handy package that makes it even easier and faster to prepare your nails for your next stylization!


  • 100% safe formula – water based
  • makes doing manicure easier
  • helps to save time
  • for gels, hybrids and traditional nail polishes
  • becomes flexible when dry
  • it easily peels off with one pull

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a thin layer of the product on the skin around the nails and wait until completely dry. Repeat 1-2 times. Create your stylization, then peel off the formula in one motion.

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