Pure Line Gel UV PINK 50 g

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TYPE: building
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: transparent
THICKNESS: medium thick

Pure Line is a unique line of gels, which consists of the most desired UV gels: ClearCoverPink, Bianco. The aesthetic and refined packaging features elegance and purity and elegance. The Pure Line’s gels are distinguished by their medium consistency and have high self-leveling properties. They are very elastic, provide high comfort of work, do not turn yellow and do not bubble up. You can combine them with other gels. They are characterized by very good adhesion to both the natural nail plate and the tips. And on top of that, our gels are acid-free.

Pink Gel is a pink transparent gel that is ideal for building nails on forms and tips. The top layer does not require an additional gloss after wiping. You can embed decorative elements in it without a problem and combine it with other gels or acrylics.


  • building,
  • medium consistency,
  • high self-leveling properties,
  • cured under 36 W UV lamp – 2 minutes.