Pure Line Gel UV CLEAR 15 g

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TYPE: building
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: transparent
THICKNESS: medium thick

Silcare Pure Line

Pure Line is a unique UV gel Line, which includes the most desirable gels: Clear, Cover, Pink and Bianco. Esthetic and sophisticated packaging describes purity and elegance. Pure Line gels are characterized by medium density, have high self-leveling properties. They are very flexible, do not yellow, do not approach with air, provide a high comfort of work. You can combine them with other gels. They are characterized by very good adhesion to both, the nail plate and the tips.

Acid-free products.

Cover gel is a masking gel which gives the nail plate natural color and perfectly covers it. It gives the effect of optical extension of the nail plate. Very good self-leveling properties on the nail plate. Can be combined with other gels.


  • building, covering
  • medium density
  • high self-leveling properties
  • perfectly camouflage discolorations and imperfections of the nail plate
  • curing in UV 36W lamp for 2 min.