Protective hand cream with shea butter 100 ml

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ACTION: Moisturizes, Protects, Soothes

Discover the nurturing power of oils with Silcare Protective Shea Butter Hand Cream.

Protective hand cream with Shea butter that protects the skin against adverse weather conditions. Vitamins A, E, F contained in the product help to moisturize and regenerate the hands, while the addition of D-panthenol soothes irritations. The hand cream is recommended for irritated and weak skin.

Shea butter, also known as karité butter, supports the recovery of protective layer of the epidermis, protects from harmful effects of free radicals, and helps to maintain the proper moisture level of the skin. Furthermore, it has strong oiling and nutritional properties, while the contained in it vitamin complex and phytosterols have soothing and firming action.

Directions for use: Massage Silcare Protective Shea Butter Hand Cream into clean, dry hands until absorbed.