Overlays on the cutter 50 pcs. # 120

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Abrasive pads allow you to quickly and easily remove the hybrid, gel or acrylic mass from the nail plate and matt its surface. In addition, they can be used to wipe callous epidermis, calluses and corns formed on the skin of the hands and feet. Disposable caps are made of solid and durable material, which ensures high comfort of work during manicure and pedicure treatments. The overlays are the perfect replacement for traditional nail files.


  • for professional and home use,
  • used in pedicures and manicures,
  • for natural and artificial nails,
  • for callous epidermis,
  • cylindrical shape,
  • brown color,
  • length: 12 mm
  • diameter: 6 mm
  • gradation: 120
  • packaging: 50 pieces.