Castor oil QUIN 100 ml

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ACTION: Moisturizes

Castor oil Quin

100% natural castor oil, cold pressed, rich in fatty acids. Perfectly rebuilds the hair structure, gives softness and shine. When used regularly also improves skin hydration and growth of hair roots at the base. Also recommended for tired, dry hands, dry cuticles nailsbreakable and falling out eyelashes and eyebrows.

Strenghten your hair
According to the preferences apply a small amount of oil, spread gently and evenly rub

  1. Rub into the whole hair for the night
  2. Rub at the base of hair to better growth hair roots
  3. Rub hair tips that were not dried up and split

Repet once a week, if your hair is in a very bad condition it is worth to repeat that often. Wash with plenty of water.

Strenghten your nails and hands

A small amount of oil spread on the hands and nails, rubbing intensively. With a brush massaged into the nails and skin.

Strenghten your eyebrow and eyelashes

Apply a small amount of oil (2-3 drops) on the mascara brush. Then gently brush your eyelashes and eyebrows.