Foot cream NAPPA urea 30% 250 ml

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Groomed feet are a sign of health and aesthetic appearance. If your skin is rough and requires regeneration and renewal, this product is for you!

Creams with urea 30% of Silcare® due to the presence of urea 30% has a peeling effect, prevents drying out and hardening heels, and at the onset of these symptoms exhibits repair. Peach oil and lanolin perfectly soften, nourishes and protects the skin from external factors, while the glycerol binds water in the epidermis, also moisturizes, protects against excessive drying of the skin, softens and improves flexibility.

It is characterized by a pleasant, fresh smell with a hint of vegetable tart.


  • exhibits an exfoliating
  • prevents drying out and hardening of heels
  • gently softens and nourishes the skin

HOW TO USE: massage cream to soak in clean, dry skin of the feet.

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CAPACITY: 250 ml
TREATMENT TYPE: exfoliating and smoothing