Foot Cream NAPPA Relaxing Lavender 110 ml

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Tired feet require special care. In order to provide maximum relaxation,  try new Silcare product for everyday use - Relaxing Lavender Foot Cream.

A specially designed formula of the complex of oils: lavender essential oil, grape and almond has relaxing, moisturizing and lubricating properties. The cream is intended for every skin type care. The glycerin prevents excessive water loss, soothes, improves elasticity and facilitates absorption of other substances deep into epidermis.

The relaxing scent of lavender has a positive influence on skin of feet, evoking the images of lavender fields in Provence.

How to use: massage into the  clean and dry skin of feet until absorbed.

Available fragrances: lavender.

The ingredients of the cream:

Essential lavender oil – it hampers multiplication of bacteria and fungus, acts calming and decreases the blood pressure. It is used in cases of fatigue, nerve tension, insomnia caused by nerves and athlete’s foot. It reduces stress, depression and anxiety, also improves mood and relieves pain a little.

Almond Oil – it is a good moisturizer, contains antioxidants. It is recommended for the dry, irritated and after sunbathing skin care. It contains EFAs – even up to 85% of oleic acid omega-9, linolenic acid omega-6 and linoleic acids omega-3.

Grape oil – rich in EFAs  ω-3, ω-6, ω-9 and vitamin E, which seals the nail plate and acts antioxidant. It contains up to 0,5% of antioxidants of phenolic compounds group (vanillic and sinapic acid).

Glycerin- binds water in the epidermis, moisturizes and protects against excessive skin drying, soothes, improves elasticity, facilitates absorption of other substances deep into the skin.

Vitamin E – anti-aging, acts against free radicals, anti-inflammatory, regulates water economy, normalizes  reactivity of the skin

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TREATMENT TYPE: moisturizing and relaxing