Face & Body Dead Sea Mud QUIN - 300 g

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Silcare Dead Sea Mud QUIN - Face & Body 300 g

Face & Body Dead Sea Mud QUIN - 300 g

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ACTION: Cleanses, Deeply nourishes, Improves condition, Moisturizes, Smooths

Dead Sea Mud is extracted manually and subjected to process of drying in the sun. It preserves all properties of wet mud. Regenerates, cares and nourishes the skin.  It also cleanse and smoothes the skin, leaving it fresh, matte and moisturized. Stimulates blood circulation. The mud owes its unique cosmetic properties to high content of precious minerals and elements as: magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, bromides, sulphates, carbonates and many others.


  • ideal for face and body
  • Ideal for every skin type
  • no scent compositions
  • rich in precious  elements and minerals: bromides, sulphates, carbonates, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese
  • does not contain preservatives and scent compositions


  • regenerates, cares and nourishes the skin
  • cleanses, smooths and moisturizes
  • improves blood circulation

Way of use: add some mud to glass or ceramic bowl, add a small amount of mineral or boiled water and stir until you get thick mass (in case of facial mask, 3-4 teaspoons and a few drops of water will be enough). Apply a thin layer of mud over the skin, avoid the eye area, before the mask completely dries, rinse it off with warm water. The first application should last for about 2-3 minutes to check the skin reaction. Next applications should be extended to 4-6 minutes. Ultimately, the mask is applied for 10-15 minutes depending on skin individual tolerance. The treatment should last 5-6 weeks, it is recommended to be used twice a week. Skin redness and gentle burning sensation are natural reaction. In case of strong burning sensation, swelling or similar reactions, don’t use the mask. The mud is strongly irritant to eye! In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Keep away from children.  Keep tightly closed.  Only for external use. Protect from moisture.