Nail Drill Machine 65W PRO

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PRO ZS-711 Nail Drill Machine is a high-quality device designed for removing cuticles, calluses, as well as, gel and gel polish from the nail plate, plus it can be used to shape the nail tips and acrylic mass.

The nail drill machine is small, quiet and comfortable to use. It has a clear display screen that allows easy work. The speed can be adjusted with a knob. The device is also equipped with a twist-lock head that enables easy replacement of a drill bit without using any additional tools. The handpiece is user-friendly and provides high work comfort. The machine also has a foot pedal that turns on or off the device. PRO ZS-711 Nail Drill Machine is perfect for use in both home and professional nail salon. The device is adapted to both manicure and pedicure treatments.

The nail drill machine includes 6 multipurpose, high-quality drill bits and 6 sanding caps.


  • quiet operation
  • small and comfortable
  • adjustable speed
  • clear display screen
  • twist-lock head
  • foot pedal for turning on or off the device
  • adapted to both manicure and pedicure

Technical parameters:

  • power: 65 W
  • power supply: 220-240 V/50 Hz
  • RPM adjustment: 0-30 000 RPM
  • diameter of drill bits: 2.32-2.35 mm
  • dimensions of nail drill machine: 15x13x9.5 cm
  • left and right rotation direction